Drunken Apple Pie-ish Oatmeal

When there is bourbon in the house, I drink it.  I also cook with that shit, too.  When it's cooked down with a well-paired fruit and a sweetener, goddamn it's sweet and buttery and maple-y.  

Since I've been cutting down on drinking, I've found that all of that liquor is best used in ridiculous amount of oatmeal I consume.  The following recipe is a result of fooling around with liquors, especially my favorite, Kentucky Bourbon.




·        ½ C Old-Fashioned Oats

·        ½  t Cinnamon

·        ⅛ t Cardamom

·        Pinch Ginger (ground) 

·        Pinch Clove (ground)

·        ¼ t Salt

·        2 t Honey

·        1 oz. Bourbon

·        1T Lemon Juice

·        1 Apple*

·        1C Liquid (Milk, Water, Nut Milks, etc.)



·        Set oven to “Bake” and preheat to 350◦F.

·        Mix dry ingredients, except cardamom.

·        Dice the apple, place about ¾ of it into a pan with the bourbon and lemon juice, saving the rest for garnish.  Or you can throw it all in, if you’d like.  Let that simmer until the apples soften and the liquid reduces by half.  Then throw in 1t honey and cardamom.  When finished, the apples should be nice and soft and the liquid a wonderful syrup-y consistency.  Take off heat, cover and set aside.

·        Oven should be hot enough, so place banana, unpeeled in an oven-safe pan and place in middle rack of oven.  Let banana cook for about 7-10 minutes.  Remove banana when peel is black.

·        While the banana cooks, bring liquid to a boil, lower heat and pour in the oats, stirring to incorporate.  Stir occasionally.

·        Once about half of the liquid has been absorbed, peel banana, mash and stir into oats. Then add peanut butter, set heat to low and cover for a minute or so, to soften PB.  Then stir in peanut butter and remaining 1t honey.  Cook until desired consistency is reached.

·        Once everything is done, it is up to you how you’d like to incorporate the apple/bourbon mixture.  I like to put half into the oatmeal, and then top it with the rest, as well as, the reserved fresh apples.

Mix Ins & Toppies: 

·        Dried Figs are a “very bangin’” ingredient to mix in.  Those or raisins.

·        If you want some crunch and more peanut flavor, get silly and top with some roast peanuts.  I do that, because peanuts are heroin to me.


*I used Pink Lady and Amrosia varieties of Apples, because they remain a bit firm when cooking them down.  Basically any firm apple is preferable.